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Kung Fu

Maternity Ward Tour

Tonight we visited the hospital for a tour in the Maternity Ward.  If you are having a baby, you should take the tour.

Everything from registration, what to bring, different stages in labor, pain killer options, husband and family visiting options, things that happen minutes and hours after birth, delivery room and recovery room, baby name, food, c-section, taking photo/video in the room, ready with car seat, and even nurse visiting you after you leave the hospital.

The nurse that guided us at the Victoria Hospital are very friendly and professional, she show us everything from arriving and leaving the hospital when it’s time to deliver.

Definitely worth a visit.

Hello World!

Hi everyone, my name is Tony Hon, and I am about to be a new father! I am still not sure what this website will be, I just have this idea of putting my life as a new father out there, not only serve as a permanent memories for my family, my friends, and also other to be new families to see.

I have yet to determine what content I will put here, but this time I am not just having a website, I will be also setting up a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of the goals I am hoping to get out of this experience.

  • Bring me, my wife, our new baby closer together by taken more photo and video thru many activities, more bonding time.
  • Sharpen my social media skills, public speaking skills, and video editing skills.
  • By having a YouTube channel, I will put more time and efforts to produce high quality video memories with my family.

So this is my first post, let see how far this will get us to.

PS: 1 more month and we will see our baby, how exiting.

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