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Neo’s 1st Birthday Video

The end is funny…

Halloween Flux Capacitor

It’s Neo’s first Halloween, and we are the Flux Capacitor, with a time circuit, in Back to the Future!

Neo laughing while cleaning hands

Immunization Needles @ 4 months

Baby Snoring

It must be a long day for Neo today.

Swim Time & Face Time

Neo swim for the first time in the tub, and have a FaceTime with Grandma

Learn Mommy’s Move and Laugh

Neo is learning fast.  Lot more moving and laughing these days.

Daddy Changing Diaper Sunday

Just want to capture me changing diaper.  Usually it’s me taking care of Neo for a few hours in the weekends so Suki can take a rest.  Neo likes diaper change, and he starting to bite his finger now.

Neo on Exercise Ball

Pregnancy Timelapse with Neo and Matrix

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